Class 1, 2 and 3 Size comparison
The S1 and S2 Models

The S1 and S2 Models

The S1 and S2 Model also comes in three versions.  Prices shown are for basic kits.  Version1 no electronics.
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Version 2: Includes 2 appropriate servos and servo extension installed.
Version 3: Includes all electronics, including 2.4GHz 2CH :Pistol grip Transmitter, Receiver, on/off Switch and 4cell Battery holder.
As with any of my kits, they are complete to the smallest detail.  You don't have to run to the Hobby store for anything.

The one that started it all: 
Stiletto!  A 1/4 scale R/C model of my America's Cup winning US 203. It has many of the same features found on full size land yachts.  

I Including a double-tapered wing mast and weight-tuned suspension.  Stiletto is not a "sailboat on wheels", rather, it is a true land yacht model. With a top speed of over 30 MPH, you won't find a better kit anywhere. If you are looking for a model land yacht, here it is.
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Merrill Brady from MM Glidertech does a professional job producing my Fiberglas parts. He is well known among model glider enthusiasts. 

The stiletto is no longer available

MLY Bat 1 and Bat2

Meanwhile, the Bat has been extensively tested and praised by customers.

Sadly the Bat 1, produced by Hobby King is being phased out. H.K. also declined merging into the Bat 2 line. Knowing this I purchased a major amount of hulls to be able to continue to offer both Bat 1 and Bat 2 models.

Not having had  any control of the materials used by Hobby King Bat 1, MLY Bat Models  include updates and upgrades.

Of course MLY can not match  Hobby Kings production prices, but Model Land Yachts will come close to the original introduction list price

As with the Bat 2 the MLY Bat 1 can be ordered in the color of your choice at no extra cost.

 MLY Bat 1  (PNP) $ 125.00 Available worldwide

MLY Bat 1 Version  3 (RTR) $ 165.00 Continental US only 

Storm Sails Now Available

In winds over 18 mph a smaller sail works on both Bat 1 and Bat 2 Models.
Our storm sails come with everything you need to install the sail:
Mast step (if required for older Bat 2 models)
On the bat 2, the storm sail steps into the Bat 1 (rear) mast step opening.

$68, Including U.S. Shipping
Product Page (to purchase)

Help For MLY Bat 1 and 2 Sailors

Bat Instructions are now available.

Sailing Model Land Yachts is a sport with a solid base of dedicated enthusiasts and racers who appreciate landsailing because it is easy to learn and challenging to master. It is an inexpensive sport; whether you're just beginning or a seasoned racer. Races involve groups ranging from local clubs to international competitors. And, it's environmentally friendly! In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has rewarded racers and enthusiasts with special access to dry lakes for competitions. It's an increasingly popular sport that is enjoyed by a diverse range of people.

The models I have developed are the result of years of racing experience and technical knowledge of the particular mechanics of landsailers. While there are some similarities (both sailboat and landsailer have a sail, for example), there are some fairly distinct differences between them: most notably.......speed! Think of half a high-performance glider (airplane)....on edge and on wheels, and you're beginning to get the idea. 

Stiletto is designed by three-time America's Landsailing Cup winner, long-time R/C modeler, and all-around interesting person Robert Weber.  He has been landsailing since 1986 and has traveled the world for the sport: participating in international competitions in Europe and Australia


Unpainted Models

Unpainted Models

All models come unpainted, although you may chose a color on the B1 and B2

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Wind Wizards Club

Wind Wizards Club

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