4" Inflatable smooth aircraft Wheel with 2 bearings installed

The Type of wheels we use on our Model Land Yachts.

There are two brands :

1.) DUBRO inflatable aircraft wheels

2.) Dave Browns “Lite flight” wheels

Both brands feature inner and outer hubs which can be separated and individually drilled to accept bearings.

Lite flight wheels are sold in 3 ”and 4” . Other sizes on special order only. As the diameter increases so does the DENSITY of the foam.

Inflatable type Aircraft 4” wheels are sold on special order and as an accessory.   

3 ” wheel ----------------------------------------- MLYLF 3. $14.-/each

This wheel is used  as a front wheel

4” wheel with 2 bearings installed ------------------------------------- MLYLF 4.0 $18.00-/each

This size is used as a standard rear wheels on the  B1,B2 . 

4” inflatable smooth aircraft wheels with 2 bearings installed ------------------------MLYDB 4.0 $22.00/each

This wheel is the best all around wheel.  The wheel does not have to be inflated and the valve is removed for better wheel balance.

These tires seem to never wear out and can of course be used in the rear on any available models

Please note the changes in prices

Deduct $ 4.00 for each wheel without bearings yet machined for bearings.

Bearings used have 10mm OD and 5mm ID and are chrome shielded.

These bearings , press fitted into the hubs, have zero drag right out of the box and can be cleaned easily with WD40 without having to be removed from the hub.

Rear wheels can be used with bushing/spacers in bearings to fit 8-32 threaded axles or without bushings to fit 10-32 (5mm) axles . Same price , please specify.

Important Note


DO NOT attempt to drill the hubs with a drill machine or drill press, you most likely will destroy the hub and /or the hole may wind up off-center.

We machine each hub-half individually in a machine lathe.

These wheels were chosen as a result of years of testing and got the “stamp of approval” by the designer of Model Land Yachts unltd….. Anything else we believe is a compromise !!!!!