Model LandYachts, Unlimited

November 6, 2010


 I can confirm I received the fork & bolt last week all in mint condition. The fork is just as I hoped (light & strong)

 Thank you again for your prompt reply to my queries, helpful advice and great service.

I’m sure I will be contacting you again in the not too distant with further orders.

 Kind regards,

 Will Lockwood

July 2010

The English Post Office finally contacted me today to tell me the Land Yacht had arrived and presented me with an £8.50  handling charge  and £15 vat imposed by our customs officers.  I thought a change of government had put paid to all this bureaucracy but no hope there.

The kit is first class and hardly any work to do at all so may I congratulate you on the quality. After I have tried my hand at it (I am currently off to France for two weeks to sample some French wine and good living before they put an end to all the fun here  - and  I will be back to you, hopefully with an order for the larger land yacht,.   I would be grateful if you could tell me the type number of the Hi Tec servo you use.  As I have plenty of spare capacity on my 2.5ghz spectrum radio so  I shall add it to that.

Thanks very much Robert for clear instructions and photos and for a first class job,.

Derek Dewey-Leader.


Happy S2 customer!

Hi Robert

The S2 got a little exercise over the weekend.  It's very quick!  My son flew it here in Loma Linda on a parking lot.  He got to run your Stiletto at El Mirage last summer and was very impressed with it too.

You have done beautiful work on this model. I greatly appreciate the fine work and also the opportunity to get to know you better and to visit your shop.

I've told my wife and son how nice your shop is!

Would it be possible for me to purchase another set of foam wheels from you?

Just the foam is all that we will need, I think. We don't need them right away, but it would be nice to have a spare set on-hand.

Thanks again!

Bob Johnston

Grand Terrace, CA

Another Happy Customer

Received my S2 on Friday. Thanks for the prompt service.


Received my S2 on Friday. Thanks for the prompt service.

I have been building R/C model for over 40 years now and I was very impressed with your kit. I was surprised at how much work you have already performed. I was prepared to drill lots of holes, assemble the wheel fork, etc. You must be commended on your expertise.

I have a few projects to complete before tackling the S2 but am anxious to start.

I'll keep you posted and thanks again for your assistance.

Regards, Walt

Walt Followed up with

My S2 is almost complete and I am very anxious to try it out. Kit is very well designed and goes together easily.

Is it possible to purchase the plastic (lexan) bodies separately? I would like to make up a few different color combinations.

Please let me know cost of bodies and postage charge.

Thanks for your assistance.

Regards Walt

{Robert answered that yes, additional bodies are available}

And Again


I received both my S2's yesterday, Sharon and I are both anxious to take them out as soon as possible.  The instructions and parts are just great!  They went together just great.

We'll have some pics to send you soon and start sharing the experience with others as well.  We were able to run them a bit in the driveway and street but can't wait to take them out to a big open parking lot!


David and Sharon Goebel