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The  Stealth S1 Land Yacht 


Model LandYachts Unlimited's highly successful Stiletto and S2 now have a brand new sibling in the Stealth series. Popular demand, mainly from the modeler who has no time, encouraged me to develop a model that comes with all prebuilt assemblies

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Now, after nearly a year of testing and refining the design, I can offer a kit of an official Class 1 model landyacht:. The S1 is a great performance landyacht in a small package for an affordable price!

As always, my main objective was to keep it simple without compromising performance or stylish good looks. A perfectly weight-tuned suspension, rotating wingmast and aerodynamically clean shape are just a few of the features from the Stealth's predecessors that have made their way into the design.

The Stealth S1 conforms to the IRCSSA classifications for Class One competition. Nothing you need to modify. It's legal right out of the box!  Just think you get a wing mast and ball bearings on rear wheels as standard equipment!

Speaking of the box, you get everything you need to assemble the Stealth S1: all wood parts, the aluminum rear springer (axle), ball-bearing equipped rear wheels (assembled), the stays, mast, sail, and assorted screws and fittings to put it all together. Additionally, the kit includes detailed instructions for completion. All you need to add is paint and a 2-channel ground frequency radio (steering and sail control).

The Stealth S1 is ideal for light air...for those days when you're gazing out the window at work, watching the leaves on the trees just barely quiver...knowing you've got your Stealth in the trunk, and lunchtime is just about here. Even on those days when the wind is too light for your Stiletto, the Stealth S1 will sail quite nicely. (What!?! You say you don't have a Stiletto or S2? Well then,
click here to find out more about the S1's bigger brother and the Stiletto).

The model can be set up in 30 seconds. Seriously! Just step the mast, hook up the stays, turn on your radio and go! 

So, even though you can't get out to the dry lake every weekend, that doesn't mean you can't get your fill of your favorite sport. Don't wait any longer. Call               (909) 585-2372        or e-mail me at to find out how you can be the first on your block to own the new Stealth S1!

Stealth S1 Vital Statistics (Approximate)
Length: 29 inches 75 cm
Height: 39 inches 100 cm
Beam: 19 inches 50 cm
Weight: approx 2 lbs approx 1 Kg
Sail Area: 230 sq in .14 sq m

Email, or Call me to order your S1 kit today!
Robert Weber, Proprietor
Big Bear City, CA 92314
              (909) 585-2372       

All models feature an injection molded front end fork. While the Stiletto has a Fiberglass molded Body and rear axle, the Stealth line features a vacuum molded clear "hull" and laser cut Plywood deck and frame. All parts and assemblies are individually available for the "do it yourselfer". E-mail for prices on any components, wheels, sailsheets, etc.

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